Thursday, October 30, 2008

They tried to make me go to Alaska….I said no no no

I am cold

It’s cold in my apartment

It’s cold outside

It’s cold in my classroom

Ok issue 1: the cold in my apartment will soon be rectified when I move out tomorrow, and into my new place Sunday!!!!!

I’m quite excited. I already have a tentative floor plan of where I want everything to go. May have to have formal housewarming, when I’m caught up on work and not crying myself to sleep

The cold outside is tragic. This is mostly because I walked around yesterday freezing my bum bum off in my white trench. Yes it’s a spring coat, but still. I thought I was way to early to be this cold. Then I realized in two days it will be November. Which led me to believe…..shit I missed fall.

Our classroom has been the temperature of hell for like three weeks now, and smells like smelly gym sock. This is bad. However, we all signed a petition the other day to fix the temperature, and now the room is about 50. no dice. I’m having a hard time believing that our only two settings are hell and Alaska, though considering their governor you could make the perverse argument that these are now one in the same. Like Lauren said when we watched 30 days of night, “now the sun comes up they realize they have Sarah Palin and the real terror begins”. May carve her likeness into pumpkin

But back to temp issues I miss hell

And as an aside to that, I am dressing like a devil for a party tonight. This is only a mini costume and I’m saving my energy for tomorrow when I dress like Amy Winehouse.

Must still get fake tattoos for costume. And drink a bottle of Jackie D’s

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ask not what your blog can do for you, but what your blog can keep you from doing

I’m taking time out of my day to write this entry, even though there are umpt-teen-million assignments looming over me. I’ll bullet to save time:

- my carpel tunnel is out of control and I have to type

- I went to U of H last night to see a lecture

- The lecture was very interesting

- Also went to Tappas (yum!! And lets here it for the only Mediterranean restaurant where anything veggie (in this case the veggie tappas) didn’t have eggplant (gross) thank you Tappas)

- It is the end of October and I am already fantasying about finishing my finals, taking a month or wrist rest, reading books for fun and going to arugula for my birthday

- I woke up at 5 and then again at 7 which sucked more then it should have considering I was in bed by midnight…but still

- Missed LRW on purpose

- Missed contracts half accidentally. Didn’t really want to go. Talked myself out of going over bagels this morning. Arrived in Springfield in time and thought what the hell. Got stuck in crazy traffic within ten miles of the school and missed class.

- Wore my boots all day yesterday, it hurts, but it was so worth it

- For all above reasons I am wearing my comply sweater and rip-off ugg slippers

- I have a Greek salad waiting for me that I am so excited about

- I am now a official volunteer for Obamas campaign

- I am procrastinating

- I’m going to see a film tonight about Russian orthodox monks

- I’ve got a brand new pair of roller-skates

- I love lamp

- Last night my boyfriend almost took out our family chess set while we were making out on the couch

- I have it in writing that he is the jealous type

- You can be bred to drink heavily

- I still love Cambridge even though it was closed yesterday

- But regardless of that love, we are in a fight

- That’s the end…….goodbye

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Inside the Polocks studio

Pivot questionnaire

  1. What is your favorite word? phantasmagoria
  2. What is your least favorite word? no
  3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Mustaches, and manners
  4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally? pretension
  5. What sound or noise do you love? birds
  6. What sound or noise do you hate? Beeps, like the one my car makes when I get in
  7. What is your favorite curse word? Fuck, I love any word that can be almost every part of speech
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? English Professor
  9. What profession would you not like to do? Accountant
  10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Don’t worry your in the right place

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Creative self love

Ok so inspired by my boyfriend who wishes he could do more creative things, I’ve reposted my choose your own adventure poems. Originally posted during poetry month two years ago on my myspace, I have decided to dust a few out of the mothballs, as
  1. they’re kind of fun
  2. they are a little instant gratification poetry. Like knitting a scarf. Or for those who aren’t feeling creative but want to bust something out so they don’t forget how, a little poetic masturbation:

Super list poem

List two books you’ve read in the last month

List two singers by last name

List an article you read in the paper (can be an illusion to the subject)

Name a Johnny Depp film

Name a Cillian Murphy film

Name a foreign film

The last place you had an alcoholic beverage

What is your favorite word

Your favorite color, book, film today

A song title (as in the song that just got stuck in your head as soon as you read this line)

What is your favorite curse word and why

Add punctuation, prepositions and conjunctions

Capt Corelli’s Breakfast on Pluto,

Love Loeb

A lawyer kills a man for touching his little girl

The deadman.

Breakfast on Pluto,

Love me if you dare

At a mutual friends place.

Herb Gardens,

Green trees grow in Capt. Corelli’s

Do you want to go my way?

Fuck, It’s always doable

It ain’t Whitman but at least it gets your head moving in the right direction

Monday, October 13, 2008

I will make you go to Rehab

“Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die? And instead of saying all of your goodbyes, let them know you realize that life goes fast. It’s hard to make the good things last. You realize the sun doesn’t go down, its just an illusion caused by the world spinning ‘round”

How neglected my little blog has been of late

I am deeply sorry for this. A lot has been happening. My living situation has almost instantly turned to hell in a colonial. My room is freezing. And until our recent colder temperatures I had no idea. And I am less then pleased. I could have lived with all of the other issues of my living condition (ie, my landlady’s load voice which she inststs on using the second I walk in the door, her insistence that she yell at me from other rooms, her smoking (yeah didn’t tell me that when I moved in) that makes me want to take I up again like woah, the fact that I don’t have my own kitchen, the fact that she won’t be happy until my far more patient roommate and I are bleaching and scrubbing our shower every time its used). And this is made worse by the fact that she is insisting that she told me the room got cold, which is defiantly not the case as I would have declined to move it if it had. This, with everything else, plus the fact that I’m parking my car in the road where her insane neighbor already made mince meat of my roommates side mirror, is the reason I am pretty sure I’m done with this home and all it intails. Its making me realize that despite the fact that its cheaper to live this way, id rather take out the cash and live somewhere nice, for the sake of my studies. Though my mother now thinks that this is all a rouse and that I really just want to move home. This is very far from the truth, but it also means that I cant really ask for her help in looking for a new place. Not that she’s my go to girl, since she hated living with someone else and yet insisted I do it.

Anyway, I’m excited by Halloween and hope I get to celebrate it to its fullest. I had wanted to be Dorothy and found the cutest costume, but due to budget cuts with no sign of government funded bailouts, I may opt instead for dressing up as Amy Winehouse. This will be as easy as borrowing a dress from my little sister, doing up the hair, asking my sister very nicely to do my eye makeup and donning some fake tattoos and a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels (though by the time I make the bottle in such a way to me it may seem half full). Side note: watched a thing on tats last night and was completely grossed out by new trend of eye tats….gyahhh. Though the tattoo ink that glows under blacklight but is invisible in daylight is pretty awesome

Two top fives may cover the rest:

Top five favorite things:

  1. white cheddar cheese its
  2. starbucks- 2 pump Pumpkin Spice Lattes, soy with caramel drizzle
  3. Deathcab
  4. my panini grill
  5. Bones

Top Five things I am less then pleased with

  1. Sarah Palin
  2. My little $375/mo ice box
  3. McCain’s potential death, Palins potential appointment as president, and my potential move from country as angry ex-patriot
  4. like my roommate calls it “the tyranny of Phyllis”
  5. filling my gas tank

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lost and scarfs

So I stumbled today on this little gem. It was a format I apparently used when I had a live journal (so emo) a few years ago. And now I feel compeled to give it a go

Ok here’s what’s up:

Grades: so far none yet which is upseting

Books read: just law ones

Happy thoughts had: a few mostly recent trip to see deathcab related

Offers for New Years accepted: none yet (obviously this was around new years)

Times I missed someone: quite a few

New clothing worn: just my green scarf my favorite thing in the world. its not new, but its new for this year

Times excited about something silly: wearing aforementioned scarf and looking at a new place where crazy old ladies don’t bother me as soon as I walk in the door

Observations: nothing brings people together quite like sports & it’s more fun then I thought, to be one of those people in a relationship when a typically “romantic” song is played at a concert

Good times: went to the sims today just to pick up my phone card. And had a cosi….allll right

Great Oldies: “burrito” by Pete Yorn. It came on when I was listening to my iPod

Stories worth sharing: none at the moment

Reasons to be happy your alive: I have Thursday off

Reasons to wish you were dead: I’ll probably spend it studying

Any extra thoughts: Ian Sommerhalder episode of Lost is on. This is why this message will be brief as it is my favorite episode of the season

Sign off message: I’ll follow you into the dark

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The last days of disco....Alex rule

Everywhere I’m going

Everywhere I’ve been

I’m always moving in circles

But I’ll never give in

Today I went into my surprisingly empty classroom and talked about how dumb Sarah Palin is. Then I remembered that I had a class before this one (hence the empty) and freaked out. This was God’s little way of putting me in my place after I called Palin dumb.

My prof wasn’t upset though. He asked when I came in, if there was some sort of traffic problem and I said “no. I just forgot I had class” and he just laughed

Dare I say this was the work of the …..Alex rule

Note on the Alex Rule:

1. The Alex rule, though named after me, is not about me. It came about one day when anonymous person A commented about how annoying the actions of anonymous person B where. I said this wasn’t fair because if I had done the same thing she wouldn’t be mad at me. To this she relied “but your Alex”. Thus the Alex rule was born. And while I realize it is incredibly self-aggrandizing to even mention it, keep in mind it applies to everyone, and I’m insisting the name stay as it is the first and very likely the last thing to be named after me, and if I can only have one thing I would like it to be a sociological concept (or is this psychological? orthogonal? Radical? Nonsensical?

2. The Alex rule in its simplest form is a concept where the actions of one person do not offend you (or are “ok”) because the person committing said actions, has in some way, been elevated of the standards to which you hold another.

ex: When an effeminate gay man working for the gap tells you your pants make you look fat, its ok. He is being honest. He doesn’t want you walking around in anything but your best

When a 20-something year old female working for the Gap tells you the same, she must be destroyed

Alex Rule

3. The Alex rule is a possible defense for actions in certain situations. For example, when you perceive potential backlash to a comment it can sometimes be countered by the Alex rule, but not always.

4. Those to whom the Alex rule applies, do not have absolute protection under it. Even those with seeming invincibility under the rule will cross the line eventually.

5. If you do not fall under the rule, it is futile to try……sorry. You will have to be one of those few among us who have to watch what they say

6. The Alex rule differs from person to person. What offends one, is totally cool under the Alex rule to another

7. Despite the origins of the concept a few years ago, there is reason to believe that all Alex’s fall under this rule, and it may be necessary to pretend this concept has classic historical backing, starting with Alexander the Great.

Other great Alex’s: Alexander Graham Bell, Alex of “A Clockwork Orange”, Alexander I, II & III of Russia, not to mention Alexandra the Czarina of Russia, Alex Trebek, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Alex Van Halen, Tropical Storm Alex, Lex Luther……

I sent out my first resume and therefore, after attending a lecture on professionalism decided it was wise to erase/ untag all my “naughty” picture on facebook today. I guess the childhood is officially over.

Ode to Alexandra’s now dead childhood:

I liked being little

Not good at anything other

Never liked to settle

And I was my own big brother

Now I’m older then sin

What a state I am in

A lifer, a worker a lover

The end

In more ways then I think I am prepared to realize.

On a happy note I heard a good joke today:

“Sarah Palin is debating tonight”

haha knee slap

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Designers….where is the lorax?

Went to the science museum. Learned some things. Went to the Dr. Seuss statute garden as well. Saw the Lorax. I had wondered what had happened to him.

Saw a women, or rather was subject to her obnoxious ranting to her children. From the rampant craziness I was able to hear, she was taking her kids to the museum systematically, visiting a small section so that the kids will learn everything about that section so that they learn something rather then moving from section to section without learning anything.

In other words, she is single handedly removing all the joyful curiosity out of learning. It’s ok though. It’s always nice to see a women crushing the joy and life out of her children

In other news, the improperly named “bailout” was shot down by the house. And the Dow lost over 700pnts that day.

Everyone panic

A haiku:

A quick second of

Afternoon deal fulfilling

It frazzles my face

And finally PR:

-didn’t remember it was on until I stumbled on it (bad sign)

-if Kenley isn’t gone this episode I may protest the show for the remainder of the season unless I know after the fact that leeanne is still on, which then may lead me to catch the rest in reruns.

RIP Paul Newman. Is it a coincidence that our “last American hero” dies before it seems like the country nosedives into oblivion, left to reference him and all our other nostalgic moments in the history of our beloved country at the bar for drunken superpowers that once were. England is saving us a seat.