Thursday, April 30, 2009

pain = fashion

ok so here is another outit I built around the shoes I am in love with. This is just hours after finishing my first final which suuuucked. it was con law, so I was the most prepared and its a great subject, but grrraaahh why? Whoever decided there should be finals should have there pants lighten on fire and put out with a 2x4 full of rusty nails. but that's just me. hey let's end months of arduous study with a single test that is the only thing standing between you and any semblince of success at this hotmess you call a profession.

so here is my set, built on a foundation of pain and horror.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

me want now!!

I just feel hard and madly in love with a pair of shoes. They are incredible and I love them . here is the outfit I’ve built around them

sadly they are not mine. nor will they likely be. they are &70 and that is more then I should really pay. but alas I still pine for them

Friday, April 17, 2009

three ways to look prep-tastic

ok so my new favorite top on the internet is polyvore and as soon as I master posting multiple sets at once i will. let me start by putting in this set. I made it last night. It is my three favorite ways to wear my favorite item of clothing, a button down. the first is a school look, the second a weekend look and the last an evening look.