Thursday, July 30, 2009

diamond cutting butt cheeks

Ok so I went shopping with Kate the other day and I was a gas. Yes I said it was a gas. She had a gift certificate so we went to try on things. And since she was trying on things I thought….hey whats the harm in me tryingthings on too….you know….for moral support. Well the anser is there is a big harm. A monumental harm. Epic!!!!

I feel in love


Yes love.

With who?

With a dress. (see polyvore set)

Keep in mind that this set only allowed me to choose the dress in red, while my heart truly belongs to the one in grey/black. Not only is it a perfect dress to complement my wide shoulders but it makes me look skinny


Yes skinny.

In other news: I started that slim in 6 program. My significant other’s mother tried it and lost 4” in four weeks so I thought what the hell. Well it is hell. The kind of hell that manifests itself if your upper thigh muscles and makes you feel like the tin man pre-oilcan. But I am hopeful. And as a plus my butt muscles also hurt so I may be able, in six weeks time, to cut diamonds with my ass.

Your ass?

Yes my ass.

He and I, meanwhile have had our 10 month anniversary and while we were discussing how scary that is for us, and the terrifying prospect that we could be the “one” for each other he dropped this on me:
“I have one that will really get you”
“oh yea”
“this time five years from now we will probably be married and thinking about kids. And that’s just a little more time then it takes to complete and undergraduate degree”


and what is worse is that sounds pretty good to me


though this will mean working past our date movie dilema. apparently I am not allowed to choose date movies anymore. The first time I picked a movie called "Blackout" (I think) because Aiden Gillen was in it and I find him to be a telented and interesting actor. well about half way through a scene where he is molesting a women with his salt covered self (you know, the way you do), Chris let me know his disapproval. This was not any better when we watched Donkey Punch at my suggestion. while the movie was fantastic, it was not really as sexy as it sounded to be suitable for a stay in movie night. suffice to say I am temporarily banned from movie night selections.

Other then that life is pretty plain. I have a slew of exciting things lined up for the weekend which I am excited about. I am going to hit W. Hartford with Kate, always a good time. and then it is off to south Norwalk for the SoNo art festival. I cannot wait.

Well I suppose that is all for now

(PS. by all means go check out Donkey Punch it was actually quite good)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear blog…..I’m trying to stop this never posting to you because that is not what friends do.

So today…what do I have to report?
- the gym was closed. Grrr. This makes working out a touch harder as I can not get on the elliptical, I don’t have the motivation to hit my goals by just running, and now I’m feeling lazy and have to work up the energy to do pilates.
- On the plus side I think the work is finally working
- Had breakfast with the boyfriend….dennys….grand slam. Maybe a backwards step. but such a tasty one
- Crashed his meeting with his E-board last night…well I was asked so technically it wasn’t crashing. But I have high hopes for them for the following reasons: 1. they are all boys reducing the average drama factor by at least 30%..2. they have a very unified, lets go make magic attitude and 3. we all went drinking after the meeting. Yes it will be a good year.
- I hate dumb people. Some 79 year old ass bag honked at me for not taking a right turn on a corner with a light and a no turn on red sign. Yeah….this has been my day. PS. People in Springfield mass drive like they have no will to live.
- I like pie…..I should make some
- I did a very girl thing and picked out my wedding dress.....see's shameful but the dress is sooooooo cute...thinking of making a wedding dress box to save my pennies in. It's a vera wang so it will take a lot of pennies

Ok I think that is all for now. tty soon blog!!!

XOXO…..gossip girl

Friday, July 17, 2009

Black card dream shopping

Ok so I haven’t written in a while and this will not be an entry to remember but I am writing to post yet another polyvore set, this time with important self estem reasons. I have recently put on god awful amounts of weight and this polywore set will help keep me motivated at the gym. Why?

Well for one: I am more then kindof obsessed with the 70’s look seen here. My mom rocked it in the 70’s early 80’s and I have taken many a fashion queue from it.

Another: this very cute outfit will not fit my fat tummy (thanks again for mom for giving me the “I only gain weight in the belly like a beer drinking old man” gene…yeah thanks for that)

So: if I fall in love with an outfit as cute as this I can dream about myself rocking it while I both literally and proverbially break my ass on the elliptical….wish me luck

And take note of the side outfit where I quite garishly allow myself to wear Christian Louboutin shoes, with a Jimmy Choo clutch and YSL necklace. Got to love that dream shopping!! Note also that it is paired with a cheap as hell shirt that is very cute. Why? Because even in the dream world of unlimited dream shopping where I shop with a black card made of dreams…..I am still cheap

Good night and good luck