Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Got thankfulness ?

Things I am thankful for:
- my wrist brace. It is the only thing separating me from agony and I love it for its diligent efforts to keep me relatively pain free
- free episodes of gossip girl
- free episodes of bones
- starbucks
- my amazing boyfriend who knows the quickest path to my heart is through starbucks. Story: I went to the video store with POD to rent “run fat boy run”, and I got a call. Or rather pod got a call. When I picked up he told me he was actually looking for me, and wanted to talk since he had called the house before to talk to POD and my mom not me. Then I told him we were going to grab a starbucks and then go watch the movie if he’d like to come over. He told me he’d be there in a few which confused me as he lives a few towns away from the parents. But anyway…..I walk into starbucks and poof. There he is. He had come down to the sims and gotten me and pod a bucks to surprise us. Apparently he was hoping to deliver then to the house but our little outing spoiled it. though it was still amazingly adorable.
- My birthday. There are hushed tones and secret calls. I am excited
- Our post thanksgiving xmas outing. Can’t wait
- Leftovers
- Booze (viva vidi vino)
- The family, the friends, everyone that supports me and that I care about
- And finally love, honesty, beauty and charity
And by that I mean illegal prescription drugs which get the same results while I study

Go and give thanks. If you were to really take a look there is a lot in life to be thankful for and now’s a good time to take a breath and realize it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bah ..Hum....Pilates

My poor blog
How neglectful I’ve been. School has taken up every waking hour of my time. and what seldom time if left is devoted to restless sleep, tragically small amounts of time spent with boyfriend and family, and even less time spent with friends not also suffering through the isolating hell of law school.

Some notes about the recent weeks:
My appartment is basically amazing. I love it. Its warm, its cozy, had some help rearranging furniture (will not elaborate…basically put in to make myself laugh).

I’m getting fat. Well ok, not fat, but I’ve been a lazy lob in the Pilates department and have been eating all manner of bad things and I dare say its starting to show. With any luck this will be resolved over Christmas break

I hate Christmas. What typically melancholy anti-social sentiment. But I do. Family being annoying (there will be bitching about family members who buy too much while simultaneously bitching not enough yet purchased. There will be the seasonal argument that Christmas is about family time made by the first person out of the room when the presents are open. Putting in the middle the only understanding person (or person who doesn’t care in the least audible fashion). Kitchen disasters, family brunch, not being invited to family brunch, hearing people complain I have no spirit. etc
But I’m trying this year. I’m putting a tree up (a little one). I’m baking all of the cookies and trying to have some passion about it. I may do something friend centered rather then family centered (wrap party, group shopping trip, binge eggnog drinking).
We are also going shopping the day after thanksgiving. This is a tradition that is almost as traditional as my parents bitching that it isn’t in the spirit of Christmas, and consequentially ruining the only day of the year that I truly feel in the spirit. Imagine with me: every year after thanksgiving, still in the stupor of a delicious meal, we drive up to a very swanky mall in Westchester NY. There are no crowds yet, no pushing and pulling in every store by frantic shoppers, Christmas music playing, tasteful (and I might I add still new) decorations, maybe a nice gingerbread latte. Yes this day and this day alone I feel in the spirit. Mostly because it’s the way I remember Christmas from when I was a kid. A fun time of year, with no hassle, no stress, just the music and the weather and the decorations. You know the fun stuff. Every other day of the season is filled with whining family, passively feuding, overbearing music, traffic. Or more importantly my parents talking about how this is supposed to be family together time when we hate being together. And there is proof. Christmas morning, we get up, we have breakfast, we open presents and BAM... mom’s in the kitchen were no one is allowed to talk to her and my dad is gone. Leaving my sister my aunt and myself (you know the people that don’t understand Christmas) to have a good time.

Outside of that I am almost 23 (dilemma of age!!! I feel so old. It’s officially my 20’s and there’s no turning back)- ok I know your thinking there’s no turning back whatever age you are but they make creams for that now

So let me sum up for those of you who don’t like lengthy reads:
- the only day of Christmas that I truly enjoy is coming!!!
- If the family ruins this oh so lovely day for me by lambasting the tragedy of consumerism on the holidays I will become Jewish
- I’m an old bitch
- Law School sucks
- hurray for sucking in

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am for the first time in at least eight years, though I dare say it may be all my life, I am proud to be an American. I think we did a great thing last night. We proved that we are not to ignorant to look past our own toe hold in our bipartisan structure to make informed decisions on progressive change. We proved we are not too prejudiced to elect our nations first black president. I think in this dire wasteland of foreign relations, we have proved to other countries that we are not as dumb as we look and we can fix our mistakes.

I doubted you for the past few months and I’m happy to have been proved wrong

On a side note, I quite sadly do not get to form my terrorist organization to blow up fox news as I had promised I would if McCain was elected.

On a personal note I have moved into my new place and am happier then a pig in poop about it

God (or any other deity you choose to or not to worship) bless (in religious or nonreligious sense) America

The reference to forming a terrorist organization is completely fictitious, and does not in any way reflect an anti-political or social belief in the writer of this blog. It was meant to be funny. That is all. And as a note on this note, the patriot act blows…..