Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don’t become a statistic

Ok so I read in an article in the NYTimes that blogging is dying out, and many blogs, after attracting young hopefulls with dreams of sponsorship and blogging income, are abandoned. Imagine my horror when I logged on just now and saw that my last log in was in May.

So here are the updates:
1. I just got back from the Bahamas and it was amazing. Like AMAZING. I am tan, relaxed and ready to go back
2. I did my internship for a law firm and I have to say I loved it. It was very rewarding and I got a chance to go to a multitude of courts. All and all an amazing experience
3. I have a near deadly cooking bug at present. Today I made a life changing sandwich (fired egg on top of a whole grain ciabatta crostini with olive oil, parmesan, tomato sauce and garlic) OMFG, as in oh my foodie god. My next gastronomic adventure may be sushi. I have always wanted to make my own and I think I have just enough culinary bravado at present to think I won’t just end up with $30 in wasted Asian vinegars and spices and an unintentional facial mask of sticky rice. Wish me luck. If it works I promise to post pictures.
4. this leads me to another problem: I am officially annoyed with the food network. Can we talk about how in the 24 hours of programming these bitches are churning out daily, there is not a single show aimed at my target demographic. I’, in my early 20’s, love to cook but am not that experienced with it, live alone in a wintsy apartment and have no money. I am far from a minority, so where is the show that demonstrates basic cooking technique aimed at those who can’t cook but not for lack of skill and don’t have the dough to spend a lot of money on ingredients. Instead we have niche-cooking shows focused on one type of cuisine (ie, giada (who gave us the aforementioned sandwich) and Mario batalli for Italian as an example) or Rachael ray making 87 versions of mac and cheese or burgers like her audience is a bunch of backward, pan hating nimrods with no taste buds (ok that was angry…I hate her. This is mostly because I could have her job,. She was never a chef, like me and between us girls I think I can cook better) Don’t be fooled…..she totally eats French gourmet every night…I know it!! Maybe I should quit law school and start a cooking show.
5. My boyfriend is basically the best boyfriend on earth. I fell in love with a pair of shoes (see previous posts) but sadly could not purchase them. And then about a week ago, as a present for our anniversary/ to show me that he was proud of me for finishing my first year of law school, he bought them for me. I squealed when I saw him, not only because I wanted them, but because he was so sweet to listen to my aimless rambles about shoes, and to treat me like a princess even though I don’t ask to be. I LOVE HIM!!!!!
6. oh finished my first year of law school
7. ok that’s enough for now. Sorry I have neglected you blog.