Tuesday, March 31, 2009

super-sized liberals v. tiny republicans

So I am in the most boring class ever, so what a time to post a blog. There is good news. Its sunny today. And even though it was 34 degrees when I left my apartment this morning, it still didn’t feel that cold. I can’t wait. I love this kind of weather, fall and spring defiantly have the cutest clothing choices. For instance tomorrow I’m thinking about my new grey vest, button down and jeans. Maybe even flip flops if I want ot be feisty.

I suppose not much else is new. I’m going to barristers ball which is like law school prom and therefore yet another reason that law school parallels high school, despite the fact that the average age here is 30. conclusion: we can blame high school on our hormones, but we were really nuts because an environment that forces you to do the same things with the same people all the time is a pressure cooker for unseemly behavior.

In other news, did anyone hear about the pint sized conservative? Omg what a hotmess. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/08/fashion/08conserve.html?ref=style. My fathers response when I sent this to him was “this kids a real jerk”. I suppose I shouldn’t go where I want to go with this. And now that I’ve noted that I shouldn’t ….I am. Little kid a conservative republican= this must mean that conservatism is something you should logically grow out of like baby teeth. Kid, call me when your voice stops cracking and we can talk about things like ethics and morality. Gosh that’s liberating. Don’t get me wrong I have the utmost respect for most republicans. In fact, if I was one kids like this would make me even more mad. When did republican become synonymous with conservative?

But enough of that. I haven’t the desire to expound on such issues. I only have the desire to read fashion magazines and eat fast food. I gave us fashion magazines for lent (I’m dying) and have eaten so much fast food this week, the people at McDonald’s must think I’m making the poor mans super size me.

I think I need to start taking valium or something. And while your at it, add a shake and yes super-size me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alexandra you're a star

So I am an idiot (thank you habitual Jack Daniels usage) and I didn’t realize that you could leave comments on my blog. I saw one the other day and it was my number one faithful reader, my sister. However, in reading the rest I realized that there are other people reading this besides her and my boyfriend. How reassuring and exciting. Thank you for the support guys.

Also I have news:
1. It is my 6month anniversary with my boyfriend. And yes it is worth celebrating because he’s the bestest boyfriend I’ve ever had
2. In law school, you can’t help but to make law school jokes. For instance: there is a case about a women getting raped behind he bush of a vacant lot and suing the lot owner. Result: jokes about how not tending your bush could lead to legal action. Moral: keep your bush trimmed or it will hurt people
3. when you make one of these jokes with your normal friends they don’t get it, think your nuts, ask you to explain even though you insist they wont think its funny, and an hour later they still don’t get it and now think that you spend so much time in the books that you have no life. This is sadly a true thing
4. If more then four people read this I am basically famous
5. Being in a bad feminine way and having just returned from vacation I am a walking cautionary tale about the dangers of Betty Crocker addiction
6. sleep is a good thing

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

can the bucks save the world

Back in black from Florida, and am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. School isn’t that big of a deal though I want to do anything but get back into my healthy living rotine. I want to eat bad food, and not go to the gym. I’m thinking light gym this week and then good for me food next week will be easing back into it.

Other notes:
1. florida was amazing. Beach everyday until noon, then cheap but delicious shellfish, and booze out the ying yang. LOVED it. as for the weather, 80 everyday, got a nice tan, LOVE my boyfriend more then ever. All in all it was the best vacation I ever took
2. I am tan……HA
3. This semester is dangerously close to being done
4. Had prof debacle, that made me angry, and to sum involved my sister driving to my apartment to send a document in again, even though the prof had a few copies as I was in the air on the way to FL and then getting an email telling me to enjoy my vaca….growl
5. may go to ikea to buy a futon…..tax refund= me doing my part to boost the economy.

Ok I want to leave a little space to talk about starbucks. This is my grip for the day (or rather the weekend). Dear average consumer, you’re snobbery drives the economy so stop being a tool box. This is directed specifically at the crowd that replies to my mentioning starbucks “eww I love $5 coffee”
Point one: Starbucks coffee does not cost five dollars. And the insinuation that it does is very irritating to me. The coffee there costs roughly the same as it does at Dunkin Doughnuts (and does not require you to get your coffee in a stiyrophome cup, something I find very socially irresponsible). As a side note I should mention that starbucks drip coffee tastes like ass, it is brewed way too strong, losing all its flavor in favor of what they imagine is “Italian strength”. Incidentally starbucks, Italians call drip coffee café Americano (not watered down espresso like at starbucks) and a café is actually espresso. That side note being dealt with, it is the espresso based lattes and such that cost so much, though under five dollars. I have never paid five dollars for anything even if it’s the biggest size, with soy (its ok punish me for not being able to drink milk by charging me more) and extra shots. The insinuation, in light of these facts, speaks to a general attitude in people that I find especially distasteful. The idea that dunkin doughnuts is a working mans coffee falls into this as well. why do we put class distinctions on coffee? Much in the same way some conservative news outlets like to attack more liberal politicians/ legislation etc as a way of gaining support, this insinuation that people who go to starbucks like $5 coffee, is nothing more then a baseless complaint that people nonetheless stand behind as if it was written in stone by god. why? Why do your own thinking; snobs, yuppies and idiots buy starbucks. You have too much working man pride to do that. And it wouldn’t bother me if it didn’t work. Do your self a favor, go with taste.

Point two: this previous discussion leads to a bigger issue. Snobbery helps drive the conomy. My mother for instance, has it in her head that the world will benefit from being thrifty. And she’s right. However, spending money makes money spend able. I’m not saying go out and spend it. in fact I’m not offering advice at all. I’m not an economist and have no idea how to save the country. But the idea of thrifty ness has with it an inherent supplemental opinion that brand name snobbery is somewhat distasteful. My father and I, after returning from Guidos (kindof like a whole foods) with our fresh organic produce, were talking about buying food there, weight as a social marker rethought from it’s previous use (I think I’ve written about this) etc. and it led me to think that maybe there is nothing wrong with wanting only organic produce, designer bags, etc. because in times of a thriving economy it is this choosiness that keeps the economy thriving. Something to think about anyway.

But that is the heavy lifting for the day, I would ad that for those of you who would rather shop at wal-mart is giving patronage to an institution that has historically treated its employees so poorly an acceptable trade off in an effort to save money.