Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who wants to be a Danny Boyle?

I went to torts today. It was pretty much awful. The four hour exam that I never could have imagined actually took four hours, took about four hours. Excruciating pain. Tears. Cramping. But when it was all over I had the honor of saying that I am now done with my first semester of law school.


That being said I think I have lost my mind. I mean really

Other notes, if you have not yet, go see Slumdog millionaire. It was amazing

Danny Boyle is amazing. I love him. And a funny side note, my sister and I joke that Danny Boyle can do whatever he wants. We even were thinking of starting a line of bracelets that say WWDBD? What would Danny Boyle do? End the world, urn people into zombies, drop a million dollars and or a duffle bag of heroin on our unsuspecting heroine.
I mention this because in the end, presumably as a nod to the Indian film culture where he had set his story, there was a very Bollywood dance number. And when my bofirned saw it he said “what?! Why is there a….oh right Danny Boyle”

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birfday to me...happy birfday to me

So today is my birthday!!

I am 23

Fears about being old aside, I have decided to reflect on what 23 years on this earth have taught me as I enjoy the light breakfast I treated myself to today
1. you only get this one life, and when you really think about it it isn’t a long time. Like Chuck Palahniuk said “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero”.
2. In regards to number 1, life is to short to eat bad food, read bad books, drink bad wine and hang out with people who suck
3. people don’t think about nearly as much as you think they do, and when they do, its never nearly half as bad as you think it is. But if it’s a lot and if its all bad things then your doing something right. Your nobody till somebody hates you, because no one wants the unsuccessful and unliked to fail.
4. dress well everyday. For starters, you will be prepared for everything life has to throw at you. And furthermore, almost all success comes through self confidence, and nothing makes you as confident as knowing you look good
5. to add to this, you are not Heidi Klum, you will never be Heidi Klum, to some degree even she isn’t Heidi Klum. And if she spent all of her time upset she wasn’t Tyra Banks, you wouldn’t find her attractive anyway, so get over it.
6. the beauty in all things comes from its uniqueness. Think of the most beautiful person in the world. Then really look at their features. I’d bet a starbucks that they are just as “ugly” as you are
7. don’t bet starbucks with your mom (this is new)
8. don’t let other people make up your mind for you. I hate my boobs. I will always hate my boobs. And for a while I struggled with the unfeminist implications of getting them “worked on”. But then I realized that putting your happiness aside so you can fit yourself into a mold, however noble, is no different then “doing what other people want you to”
9. having boobies is not a bad life goal
10. having big feet is ok
11. being dumb is ok
12. being everything but lazy and pretentious is ok
13. brown does go with black, and gold with silver, navy with black, and argile with plaid. The only rule of thumb here is if you own it; it works
14. your never too old to enjoy your birthday. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I wrinkle, but I’ve had the grays, I’ve had the growth spurts, and all I know is with every year I am smarter then the year before. Because of this I will never be afraid of getting older…….nervous, ok, and maybe I’ll whine but there is nothing but nobility in aging with grace.
15. OJ after Toothpaste tastes like ass

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sex, Drugs, and Contracts

Breakfast: Oscar’s poppy seed bagel, toasted with Phillie Cream cheese

Lunch: Thanksgiving Turkey with Cranberry sauce (wheeee) on cranberry, walnut, wheat bread.

Dinner: spinach and goat cheese salad with hot beacon dressing.

If only everything in life were as good as that right now.

I need desperately to do laundry (I may tonight)

I need to do another practice exam

I’m getting fat, and in an effort to stop this I am going to try to write down what I eat. Here are some of my general rules for the coming weeks:

One meal a day must be a salad or solely a vegetable.
In an attempt to utilize the small meals theory of dieting, I am trying to have at least one food consuming unit consist of fruit (banana, soy, carrot shake, or apple with PB)
One must be protein
Only one can be exclusively carb
I’m making it mandatory to drink at least one 20 oz water bottle a day
No eating anything other then veggies after 8

Side notes:
Turkey is basically god to me know. I have a huge bag of leftovers (thanks mom) and it is probably the happiest site to see when opening my fridge.

My pants are tight…..grr. I’m a little mad that all of my weight seems to gravitate to my stomach and the little patch between my thighs as to achieve optimum fatness. Though I am willing to accept it goes to other places as well and I just don’t notice till it gets here, but still.

My birthday is this weekend, tucked ever so snugly between the bouts of depression and manic panic episodes that is law school finals. So this week is for me a race to that ultimate finish line. Plus people being forced to make me their primary concern for a day couldn’t have come at a better time

Am trying to keep thoughts high and keep taking deep breaths. All I have to do is keep on track. So with any luck on the 18th when this hot tranny mess is all over I will be a 23 year old, successful collegiate with no more pimples and a great ass.