Friday, August 7, 2009

I dig Veggies!!!

Ok So on the cool things Alexandra has found front, I just became a fan of Alex and Ani and their clever but not really “hippie” eco-friendly fashion. It’s so nice to see designers in all facets of fashion rejecting this eco-friendly is for hippies look and making cutting edge style that someone with a more preppie-tastic sense of style like myself.
(see also Leanne from Project Runway:
I have always thought it was unfair that just because I am a bit preppie in style I would then have to give up all of my hippie sensibilities. This leads me to two important things I think need discussing:
1. thank heaven for eco-friendly chic: Ever since eco-friendly, non-carbon footprint-leaving sensibilities have become vogue we have seen many designers, magazines etc, starting to enjoy the world of sustainable fabrics, metals and issue-free gems. And I begs the question, why did it even take so long. I suppose it’s a testament to the power of media and popular culture. I don’t know that the link is so cut and dry but if I have to guess there is a fair amount of evidence to support the idea that
a population faced with the repercussions of its own dependence on oil and non-sustainable items
films like Blood Diamond (Gems), what happened to the Electric Car, An Inconvenient Truth (Environment), and dare we say The Lorax (your time has come Suess)
a culture with more vested interest in buying smart.
All we need now is more supportive films, tv and popular reading, especially to support the idea that buying green is accessible to the masses. (ie, not only Yuppies buy green…everyone benefits)
2. are we what we wear? I wonder this because in writing this I realize that maybe a environment loving, fresh veggie eating, small business supporting, solar-powered home dream building hippie like myself shouldn’t dress like she owns a yacht. (not that I dress THAT preppie but still. It’s a slippery slope)

I’ll have to ponder this and get back to you, but I suppose my closing question is:
“If people’s first impression of you is your appearance and what you wear, is it wrong to not use this tool to inform them of the type of person you are? In other words, is a hippie in conservatives clothing dishonest?”