Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ten second break from Law

So Chris helping me move the other day, stumbling onto my writing journals from college has inspired me to dust off one of my interactive poems.
Brief history: inspired one day by all of those myspace questionnaires that were floating around, I wrote one day (I think around jr. year) a questionnaire that could be used to write a poem. The concept for me was that the list itself is the poem and that it forces the reader to interact with it, creating something unique to each reader, making it both personal to the reader and myself (ie, I dictate your poem but it is subject to the interpretation of the person reading). Here is one of my poems as well as my response to it (below. An interesting note is that in addition to every person reading the poem differently, it is different with every day too:

Super list poem
List two books you’ve read in the last month
List two singers by last name
List an article you read in the paper (can be an illusion to the subject)
Name a Johnny Depp film
Name a Cillian Murphy film
Name a foreign film
The last place you had an alcoholic beverage
What is your favorite word
Your favorite color, book, film today
A song title (as in the song that just got stuck in your head as soon as you read this line)
What is your favorite curse word and why
Add punctuation, prepositions and conjunctions

Cases and Materials on Patent Law and Johnny the Homicidal maniac
Ma Ross
Communism isn’t a bad enough word for Republicans anymore
The Man Who Cries, at the Edge of Love
Spain, the bar across the street
Disgruntled and Blue,
With Breakfast on Pluto and a Mission to Mars
Hang me up to dry, fuck,
because versatility is key.

Hurray!! That was Fun!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

food stuffs

Ok I got bored working on Patent law so…for your viewing gastronomic pleasure….here are a few pictures of my latest culinary adventures. I’ve been taken pictures of these things do to both shameless selfish pride as well as a way to remember I made them and to add then to “the book”. If I had been prepared to put this online I would have added a picture of the book, which is titled “food porn” and has a suggestive picture of a large pair or lips eating a shrimp...it is me after all

From the top:
1. this is roast chicken which I stuffed with two limes. Chris loved it, and especially liked how I spiced the skin, which because I am M F ing awesome was crispy as a chip
2. This is a warm potato, soy bean, arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette..nom
3. This is steak pasta salad with spinach. A Giada recipe, in this serving with whole wheat pasta, and the steak is rubbed with herb de province, garlic, and the dressing is a mustard vinaigrette similar to the kind my dad makes. Marilou and I made this one and it was very very good..though I may justrub herb de province on all my steak now cause DAMN
4. this is my ambitious sushi dinner. The picture is poor but your looking at salmon, veggie, and sweet potato tempura sushi rolls, cha su bow, tempura (green beans were ok, onion and sweet potato life changing) edemmame, wine…yeah it was awesome and for considerably less an investment by all my guests then a night out for the same spread
5. chicken again….apparently I liked it because I accidentally put it on here twice and am not tech savvy enough to figure out where its line of code ends and the next begins to erase it.
6. this was a blackbean corn dip I made in my mini le creuset dish that I loved and made up the recipe for the purpose of using it. (it was black beans, tough of cheese on top, red pepper flakes, corn…etc) and home made tortilla chip. not too bad though I feel it needs a little more umph