Monday, February 23, 2009

oh blog...i knew you well

So I am the worst blogger ever. I have neglected this blog so badly its tragic. Unfortunately law school is eating my life like a hungry man at a buffet. But I am resolute to write once a week now so that I am more inclined to do it. I may focus my subject more but that remains to be seen

First order of business: the Oscars. This year dressing wise my favorite was Amy Adams, with and honorable mention to Penelope Cruz and Anne Hathaway. Her Carolina Herrera was gorgeous and perfect for her coloring (love those pale ladies enbracing their pale) Ms. Cruz in Pierre Balmain, a designer I will admit I had not heard of looked fantastic as well. Both her and Anne Hathaway had very intricate and detailed designs which were a refreshing change from last years drap showing and were fun to look at.

Furthermore: Danny Boyle owned!! Hurray!! I love to see a good director acknowledged.

Ok I have too much to do to write a decent blog, but I will write again and make this stupid thing actually worth the time

Saturday, February 14, 2009

blog under fire

Ok so my current LRW assignment, which has eaten a small part of my soul and a sizable chunk of my weekend, is about someone who is fired from a law firm for blogging


Incidentally there are no worries here as nothing I will ever say will have to do with my potential work. This is because law is boring to those who don’t practice it.


Good night and good luck. If you never hear from me again its because I was kicked out of law school for blogging

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

me vie in SNOW!!

It’s been just short of an ion, a millennia since I last wrote here. School has been just as tough as ever, the snow is on average taking up at least 4 hours of my week (I hate winter) and I’m finally at the point where if I have a second of time, I’m out because I know about the isolating depressions shut in syndrome associated with finals

A few good things on the horizon:
May go to Florida for my spring break!! Which is conveniently the same week as my boyfriends, what are the odds
I didn’t fail any classes this semester, and ended up somewhere about average to ever so slightly above.
I was fat as all heavenly hell, and just this morning realized that all of my efforts may be working
As for above, I’ve joined a new website called “the Daily Plate” where you search and track what you eat and can set goals etc. I quite enjoy it, and apparently its working.
Though yesterday was a bad day in the opposite sense one would assume. I did my Pilates, got a little ahem other exercise but had no appetite and eat next to nothing. Luckily starbucks is high cal or I’d have been very under for the day which is pretty bad, since the website currently has me eating 1400 calories a day to lose 1.5 pounds a week.

Some bad news:
This week one of my friends pissed me off royally by being inconsiderate and selfish.
Another one made me sad because she’s leaving me sniffle sniffle
Also, it has snowed again. AGAIN!! Don’t we ever get enough

Upcoming events:
Oscars: hurray!! Nominations are out and my family has cast our votes in preparation for our annual Oscar/ aunt birthday party. It’ll be fun stuff. Looking forward to the fashion. Was direly bored last year. The only person who really wore something special in my mind was Marion Cotillard. Hopes are higher for this year
Go slumdog millionaire: at this point Danny Boyle deserves an Oscar more then Chaney deserves a buck shot to the face by his lesbian daughter, during her Massachusetts wedding ceremony. Amazing film. Amazing director.
Ok that’s all calss calls. I am resolute to write more.