Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dolche doesn't camp???

OK so thanks to College Fashion I have a new reason to put off all the work I need to do before class....I was reading their Haute Links (clever) and came across this article:

TO sum it up, it basically suggests that men are not attracted to fashionable women. I suppose I feel especially insulted by this suggestion because I feel that just because I am obsessed with designer things, take great care in what I throw together in the morning, and care too much for the finer things in life that I convey the message
" I am not easy going"
I go camping, I do hard labor (I'm Polish after all), I work in the yard, I know more about my car then just how to drive it, and I like to relax and watch movies, and talk about things over coffee.....and I dress fashionably.

so here is the question: what about being fashionable reads "difficult, not easygoing, carefree etc" when there are a great number of women who are easy going, carefree blah blah and like to dress well?

now I have a small caveat: I know this is a double standard for some women who read well dressed men as ..well gay, but I think that assertion speaks to both a lack of information on these aforementioned woman's parts (I did have a friend who thought a women wearing polo shirts equated to an obvious VJ fetish, but has since learned) as well as to her current male companions. But it's there and I by no means am saying that a man is not allowed to like how a women is dressed (since by nature fashion is meant as a way to express yourself visionary) but I guess I just want to know why fashionable women are "hard to deal with" and where this seemingly wrong assumption came from.

another point: Read with grain of salt as the authors reference to her divorce may likely stem less from her fashion choices and more towards other things (see: "who is your favorite Sex and the City character?" and wonder if this is a) acceptable date conversation as he likely did not ask her who her favorite person on the man show was and b) if this question ever becomes good conversation....ever?)

Ok I'm back to work

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