Friday, April 16, 2010

Start Small ....with Shrimp

So unofficially my first recipe was and at the same time was not Spiced Shrimp, Mango and Spinach salad. Let me explain:
I did in fact make this today [spicy shrimp with lime, mango puree and cilantro pan-cooked and served over a spinach salad with marinated onion] and it was in fact delicious. However, the true first time around was last week when I made it with Chris (culinary critic and boyfriend extraordinaire). And it definitely got at least an 8 on the Chris scale*. It was a response to a Saturday night Shrimp crisis. He came over, we wanted a delicious last minute dinner. We had shrimp.
Scampi? Too obvious
Pasta? too heavy
So I found this recipe and all over it was a success.Just the right amount of spicy, just the right amount of acid....Paired well with Landshark

* funny story here. The Chris-Scale is the scale by which I measure all of my recipes. Now this would not be worth mentioning except save for this scene of dialogue:
Chris: Babydoll, that dinner was delicious
Me: We should rate all the meals I make you try
Chris: We should
Me: ohh you want to make a graph
Chris: Alexandra, I'm an engineer....Hell yea I want to make a graph!!

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